How to Overcome Dental Fear – Part Two

We hope you found our How to Overcome Dental Fear РPart One useful. Here are some more quick hints that will help to put you at ease.

Regular Visits

Sometimes the best cure is prevention, which can apply to dental work and dental fear alike. If you are lucky enough to have avoided the need for intensive work despite your fear, then regular appointments for simple procedures and check-ups can help keep your visits to the dentist at a minimum.

Take Control

If talking through your procedure with the dentist makes you feel at ease, then set some time aside for it. If you have a piece of music that calms you down, request for it to be played. You can even negotiate a “stop sign” for your dentist to know if you’re feeling nervous (though let them know to tell you when you’re past the point of no return with their procedure).

Do Your Research

Looking in to the treatment you receive can help set your mind at ease. From a simple filling to more intensive procedures, knowing what to expect from your visit can help put you in more control of your worries. Ask your dental practice – they should also be able to provide you with information or point you in the right direction for it.

Write it Down

Writing down your fears can help focus your mind and help you separate real concerns from those that are a bit more unrealistic. It can also help you articulate exactly what your fear is if you’ve never seen¬†it as more than a general dislike of dental procedures. Maybe you’re fine with the pain but can’t stand the smell? Or your fear kicks in at a certain point of the visit? Being able to pinpoint exactly what makes you uncomfortable can be useful to both you and your dentist.

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