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How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly

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brush your teeth correctly

Knowing how to brush your teeth correctly is an important way to protect your dental health. We can all be guilty of being a bit lazy or letting good habits slide, so it’s worth refreshing yourself on best practice for caring for you teeth.

1. Mix it Up

Most people brush their teeth in exactly the same way, starting and finishing in the same spots. A bit of awareness of your habits can lead to a better cleaning routine. Remember- the whole point of brushing your teeth is to make sure all your teeth get a through cleaning. Starting in a different part of your mouth or even brushing with your least-dominant hand can give you fresh perspective and a fresher smile.

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Ancient Roman’s Teeth “better than people today”

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Ancient Roman's Teeth

Like their iconic columns, Ancient Roman’s teeth are still remarkably intact.

Scientists from a research project of Italian archaeologists, orthodontists, radiologists and anthropologists have recently been examining the bodies of 30 Ancient Romans from the famous city of Pompeii. The bodies from a wide range of age and gender (plus a dog and a wild boar) have been excellently preserved over the centuries due to the dramatic way they died. When Mount Vesuvius erupted, some 2,000 citizens of the city were quickly overwhelmed by toxic fumes. Their bodies were preserved by the volcanic ash, which hardened and formed pumice. Over the decades, scientists have developed a way of taking casts of the bodies, and have now started a detailed analysis of the lifestyles of the Ancient Romans who lived there.

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