Is it Time for a UK Sugar Tax?


A UK Sugar Tax could be on the cards if the evidence regarding its relationship to obesity, health and dental complications continues to pile up.

A former Westminster government obesity expert has also drawn attention to the relationship between the sugar industry and the role of marketing high-sugar products. Professor Geof Rayner said “The sugar people have a lot to lose and therefore a lot of time and money to spend on lobbying and influence-seeking.”

However, the time for sugar to be taxed may have come. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recently launched a campaign for a tax on sugar in soft drinks in a bid to tackle rising rates of obesity. Cancer charity Cancer Research UK has also warned about the potential rise in cancer rates if obesity rates remain on their current trajectory.

Call from these various official agencies and third sector organisation combined with statements from Prime Minister David Cameron showing a softening in resistance to a tax on sugary drinks. All signs point to the fact that the time for a UK sugar tax could be coming.

Sugar, especially in fizzy drinks, is one of the main contributors to poor dental health. In the UK, the reason most children between the ages of 5 and 9 to be admitted to hospital is tooth decay. 28% of children have tooth decay by the time they reach age 5.

Is it Finally Time to Tax Sugary Drinks? [via The Guardian]

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