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Government Announces 2018 UK Sugar Tax

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2018 UK Sugar Tax

Big news today as Chancellor George Osborne has announced a 2018 UK Sugar Tax. We asked just over a month ago whether it was time for a UK Sugar Tax, and it now appears that the Westminster government agrees with the many campaigners, experts and organisations that a tax on sugary drinks should be introduced.

Soft drinks are being targeted as they often consumed on a daily basis and are seen of less of a luxury item than cake or chocolate. They are also excessively high in sugar, with some products containing up to nine teaspoons of sugar. An average fizzy drink can contain as much as a third of child’s daily sugar, and they are currently teenager’s number one source of sugar intake.

For adults and children alike, sugar is a main contributor to the obesity epidemic, and a huge factor in tooth decay and poor oral health.

There may be challenges by the soft drinks industry to the government’s plans as 2018 approaches, but this announcement shows that serious action is needed.

Sugar Tax: How Will it Work? [via The BBC]

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