Toothpaste Adverts Through the Decades

We’ve been making ourselves smile with these toothpaste adverts through the decades. While the science of brushing your teeth may not have changed much over the years, the various ways that it has been advertised are fascinating and sometimes hilarious to watch. We’ve selected some of the most interesting from the 1940’s to the 1990’s.


“You’ll wonder where the yellow went / When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent” is the effortlessly catchy hook in this animated advert from 1948.


Continuing with catchy tunes, this advert should come with a warning thatĀ it’ll be impossible to get the jaunty “Cleaner breath, cleaner taste, cleaner teeth/ Threeeee ways clean” tune out of your head for a while.

While fashion models are told to smile with their eyes, the mannequin-like actors in this advert are all about terrifying smiles. The lack of sound also ups the creep factor in this Danish advert.


Cavity prevention was a real selling point in the 1960’s, as was the promotion of scientific-sounding ingredients and statistics.

This Crest commercial is a fascinating insight into not just advertising, but interior decoration and fashion.


If there’s two common themes in toothpaste adverts through the decades, it’s science and sex. This advert definitely goes for the latter with its attractive cast and hilarious kiss-blowing hook. The tagline is even more blatant: Ultrabrite is “the sex appeal toothpaste”.

Crest went for a more homely approach in the early-to-mid 70’s. Like their 60’s advert above, this advert is also a nostalgic look at fashion and vintage shop interiors.


We’re going back to animation and cheery tunes with this memorable advert from Aquafresh. Back in the 80’s multicolour toothpaste was worth singing about, apparently.

Crest weren’t impressed with theĀ multicolour toothpaste breakthrough if this advert is anything to go by.


90’s adverts are rather bland compared to previous eras, but they do show some interesting trends in toothpaste, especially speciality toothpaste for various dental conditions. This one covers sensitive teeth.

Another speciality trend was baking soda for whitening teeth, as shown in this Arm & Hammer advert.

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