Liverpool Launches Sugary Drink Awareness Campaign


The city of Liverpool has launched a sugary drink awareness campaign to combat the rising levels of tooth decay and dental treatment in young children. Titled “Is your child’s sweet tooth harming their health?“, the drive is the first of its kind in the UK, with a city council actively campaigning against the high levels of sugar in soft drinks.

Liverpool City Council has produced displays for dental surgeries, GP surgeries, hospitals and other centres which host children’s services. In a simple and stark graphic, seven popular soft drinks are shown beside their sugar content, most of which goes many times over the recommended daily allowance.

Talking about the research undertaken by the council for the campaign, the city’s Director of Public Health, Sandra Davies, said: “I was astounded when we found out quite how much sugar was in some of these drinks. Some of the sugar levels are … astounding. You can consume as much as your daily maximum recommended amount of sugar, or even double that, even if you have just one of these drinks. This is an educational campaign. We are targeting this at families to show how much sugar is in there, because people often don’t realise that.”

The off-the-chart sugar content of these soft drinks is a sobering sight, and hopefully one which parents will heed. It will take some time to see the benefits of this campaign, but this action by Liverpool City Council and the increased discussion about a UK Sugar Tax is a step in the right direction in the battle against high sugar content levels in soft drinks and the myriad of health and dental problems that it causes.

High sugar drinks named in drive to beat tooth decay [Via Liverpool Express]

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