Apps to Help With Dental Phobia

Fear of visiting the dentist or dental procedures is a common phobia which can lead to poor oral health. As with many things in life – there are apps to help you with this particular problem. We’ve found some of the best to help you deal with dental phobia.

Apps to Help With Dental Phobia

Apps to Help With Dental Phobia - Dental PhobiaDental Phobia (iOS) [download]

Designed to give people with dental phobia all the information that they need, Dental Phobia is a comprehensive trove of information which aims to help people overcome their fears through information, not gimmicks. Contents range from detailing dental phobia and providing coping strategies, to in-depth and approachable explanations of the process of sedation, oral procedures and intravenous (IV).

The app also provides the ability to contact qualified dental professionals to get answers to any questions that may arise. Most importantly, the app has very good reviews from its users, proving that knowledge can be a very powerful tool in overcoming theirĀ dental phobia.


Apps to Help With Dental Phobia - Dental ExpertDental Expert (iOS) [download]

Another comprehensive collection of information which aims to provide approachable information, Dental Expert is designed for patients and also children.

The variety and depth of the information, illustrations and diagrams serve a similar purpose as Dental Phobia by allowing people to use information to overcome theirĀ fears and anxieties.

The app features extensive information on all aspects of dental care, such as how to choose a dentist, guides to nutrition, and details of various dental procedures. It’s an excellent app for information which can help overcome dental phobia.


Apps to Help With Dental Phobia - Mouth and TeethMouth & Teeth (iOS) [download]

Whilst it is more functional in appearance than the previous two apps, Mouth & Teeth is just as packed with useful information which helps to inform patients and help them use information to overcome any anxiety from dental procedures.






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