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Toothpaste Adverts Through the Decades

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Toothpaste Adverts Through the Decades - Aquafresh

We’ve been making ourselves smile with these toothpaste adverts through the decades. While the science of brushing your teeth may not have changed much over the years, the various ways that it has been advertised are fascinating and sometimes hilarious to watch. We’ve selected some of the most interesting from the 1940’s to the 1990’s.


“You’ll wonder where the yellow went / When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent” is the effortlessly catchy hook in this animated advert from 1948.

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Ancient Roman’s Teeth “better than people today”

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Ancient Roman's Teeth

Like their iconic columns, Ancient Roman’s teeth are still remarkably intact.

Scientists from a research project of Italian archaeologists, orthodontists, radiologists and anthropologists have recently been examining the bodies of 30 Ancient Romans from the famous city of Pompeii. The bodies from a wide range of age and gender (plus a dog and a wild boar) have been excellently preserved over the centuries due to the dramatic way they died. When Mount Vesuvius erupted, some 2,000 citizens of the city were quickly overwhelmed by toxic fumes. Their bodies were preserved by the volcanic ash, which hardened and formed pumice. Over the decades, scientists have developed a way of taking casts of the bodies, and have now started a detailed analysis of the lifestyles of the Ancient Romans who lived there.

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It’s World Smile Day 2015!

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world smile day 2015

Today is World Smile Day 2015!

We’ve found some fun and interesting facts about the day and smiles in general for you to enjoy and (in the spirit of the day) maybe even make you smile.

The official World Smile Day was started by Harvey Ball, who created the iconic yellow “smiley” face

He created the day to devote to kinds deeds and, of course, smiles. The first World Smile Day was in 1999, and is held on the first Friday of October.

Smiling is good for you

The act of smiling itself releases serotonin, endorphins and neuropeptides, which help combat stress, anxiety, depression and even provide pain relief. Even forcing yourself to smile can benefit your mood.

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