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Update: Companies Consider UK Sugar Tax Challenge

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UK Sugar tax challenge

Soft drink companies may be mounting a UK Sugar Tax challenge. Announced as part of George Osborne’s budget, a Sugar Tax is proposed to take effect in 2018 in an effort to tackle rising rates of obesity and poor dental health.

Representatives from large manufacturers such as Britvic, Coca Cola and AG Barr are currently undertaking discussions with the government. This is in an attempt to avoid a long and expensive legal battle.

Such legal actions have been successful in both Denmark and Finland, where manufacturers argued that their products were being singled out unfairly in comparison to products such as fruit juices. Fruit juices and even milkshakes can often have a comparably high sugar level with soft drinks.

A UK Sugar Tax challenge from soft drink manufacturers was to be expected. Large global companies have a track record in challenging any risk to their profit margins. These profits also allow them to run long legal campaigns, which governments often do not have the time or funds to fight. Whether the Westminster government can push the tax through despite the legal and fiscal power of these companies is an ongoing story which we will keep an eye on.

Sugar Tax: Soft Drink Giants to Sue Government [via the Week]

Government Announces 2018 UK Sugar Tax

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2018 UK Sugar Tax

Big news today as Chancellor George Osborne has announced a 2018 UK Sugar Tax. We asked just over a month ago whether it was time for a UK Sugar Tax, and it now appears that the Westminster government agrees with the many campaigners, experts and organisations that a tax on sugary drinks should be introduced.

Soft drinks are being targeted as they often consumed on a daily basis and are seen of less of a luxury item than cake or chocolate. They are also excessively high in sugar, with some products containing up to nine teaspoons of sugar. An average fizzy drink can contain as much as a third of child’s daily sugar, and they are currently teenager’s number one source of sugar intake.

For adults and children alike, sugar is a main contributor to the obesity epidemic, and a huge factor in tooth decay and poor oral health.

There may be challenges by the soft drinks industry to the government’s plans as 2018 approaches, but this announcement shows that serious action is needed.

Sugar Tax: How Will it Work? [via The BBC]

Is it Time for a UK Sugar Tax?

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2018 UK Sugar Tax

A UK Sugar Tax could be on the cards if the evidence regarding its relationship to obesity, health and dental complications continues to pile up.

A former Westminster government obesity expert has also drawn attention to the relationship between the sugar industry and the role of marketing high-sugar products. Professor Geof Rayner said “The sugar people have a lot to lose and therefore a lot of time and money to spend on lobbying and influence-seeking.”

However, the time for sugar to be taxed may have come. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recently launched a campaign for a tax on sugar in soft drinks in a bid to tackle rising rates of obesity. Cancer charity Cancer Research UK has also warned about the potential rise in cancer rates if obesity rates remain on their current trajectory.

Call from these various official agencies and third sector organisation combined with statements from Prime Minister David Cameron showing a softening in resistance to a tax on sugary drinks. All signs point to the fact that the time for a UK sugar tax could be coming.

Sugar, especially in fizzy drinks, is one of the main contributors to poor dental health. In the UK, the reason most children between the ages of 5 and 9 to be admitted to hospital is tooth decay. 28% of children have tooth decay by the time they reach age 5.

Is it Finally Time to Tax Sugary Drinks? [via The Guardian]

Interview with Dentist who Fixed Shane MacGowan’s Teeth

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shane macgowan's teeth

It’s the fairytale of Shane MacGowan’s teeth! The singer is famous for the terrible condition of his teeth, which became ravaged and almost non-existent after decades of rock and roll excess coupled with an extreme lack of dental care.

During the last week of of November, MacGowan attended an after-party, where he was pictured with a completely new set of teeth, including a decorative gold front tooth.

The change is remarkable, but the real hero of the story has to be the dental surgeon Darragh Mulrooney, who carried out the nine-hour dental implant procedure assisted by an expert team.

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It’s World Smile Day 2015!

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world smile day 2015

Today is World Smile Day 2015!

We’ve found some fun and interesting facts about the day and smiles in general for you to enjoy and (in the spirit of the day) maybe even make you smile.

The official World Smile Day was started by Harvey Ball, who created the iconic yellow “smiley” face

He created the day to devote to kinds deeds and, of course, smiles. The first World Smile Day was in 1999, and is held on the first Friday of October.

Smiling is good for you

The act of smiling itself releases serotonin, endorphins and neuropeptides, which help combat stress, anxiety, depression and even provide pain relief. Even forcing yourself to smile can benefit your mood.

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