Toothpaste Adverts Through the Decades

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Toothpaste Adverts Through the Decades - Aquafresh

We’ve been making ourselves smile with these toothpaste adverts through the decades. While the science of brushing your teeth may not have changed much over the years, the various ways that it has been advertised are fascinating and sometimes hilarious to watch. We’ve selected some of the most interesting from the 1940’s to the 1990’s.


“You’ll wonder where the yellow went / When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent” is the effortlessly catchy hook in this animated advert from 1948.

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Revealing The Sugar Plot

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2018 UK Sugar Tax

The sugar plot deepens. We’ve recently talked about the proposed 2018 UK Sugar Tax and the looming threat to the Government legislation by the large companies that produce the tax’s targeted soft drinks.

Sugar and its side effects to physical and dental health is now a growing problem. Concerning facts about how large companies, scientists and government have kept the facts about its damaging effects under wraps is fast coming to light.

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Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

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There are some surprising and unusual uses for toothpaste beyond brushing your teeth with it. From small household jobs to skincare, we’ve found some of the best ways to make the most of your toothpaste.


Polishing – Toothpaste isn’t just for polishing your teeth, it can be used to polish silver and give diamonds a new shine. For silverware, massage non-abrasive toothpaste onto the item, leave overnight, then gently wipe clean in the morning. Diamonds can be scrubbed gently with the paste, a toothbrush, and water. Fine silvers and perals should not be cleaned with this method, as it will damage their finish.

Bathroom cleaning – Toothpaste is excellent for cleaning chrome and removing scum from shower doors. Simply squeeze some non-abrasive toothpaste onto a sponge or soft cloth and wipe the desired area. For awkward stains, leave the toothpaste on for a short while before wiping it off.

Clean Shoes – Toothpaste can remove marks and scuff from leather shoes with a quick wipe with a damp cloth. The rubber part of trainers can be re-whitened with any non-gel toothpaste using the same method. Use an old toothbrush if you need to get into the ridges.

Stain Remover – Depending on the fabric and what caused the stain, toothpaste can work like magic, especially against lipstick, ink and grass stains. Scrub a non-gel toothpaste onto the stain with an old, clean toothbrush, rinse and repeat as necessary. Bear in mind that whitening toothpaste can bleach coloured fabric. Continue reading

Update: Companies Consider UK Sugar Tax Challenge

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UK Sugar tax challenge

Soft drink companies may be mounting a UK Sugar Tax challenge. Announced as part of George Osborne’s budget, a Sugar Tax is proposed to take effect in 2018 in an effort to tackle rising rates of obesity and poor dental health.

Representatives from large manufacturers such as Britvic, Coca Cola and AG Barr are currently undertaking discussions with the government. This is in an attempt to avoid a long and expensive legal battle.

Such legal actions have been successful in both Denmark and Finland, where manufacturers argued that their products were being singled out unfairly in comparison to products such as fruit juices. Fruit juices and even milkshakes can often have a comparably high sugar level with soft drinks.

A UK Sugar Tax challenge from soft drink manufacturers was to be expected. Large global companies have a track record in challenging any risk to their profit margins. These profits also allow them to run long legal campaigns, which governments often do not have the time or funds to fight. Whether the Westminster government can push the tax through despite the legal and fiscal power of these companies is an ongoing story which we will keep an eye on.

Sugar Tax: Soft Drink Giants to Sue Government [via the Week]

Government Announces 2018 UK Sugar Tax

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2018 UK Sugar Tax

Big news today as Chancellor George Osborne has announced a 2018 UK Sugar Tax. We asked just over a month ago whether it was time for a UK Sugar Tax, and it now appears that the Westminster government agrees with the many campaigners, experts and organisations that a tax on sugary drinks should be introduced.

Soft drinks are being targeted as they often consumed on a daily basis and are seen of less of a luxury item than cake or chocolate. They are also excessively high in sugar, with some products containing up to nine teaspoons of sugar. An average fizzy drink can contain as much as a third of child’s daily sugar, and they are currently teenager’s number one source of sugar intake.

For adults and children alike, sugar is a main contributor to the obesity epidemic, and a huge factor in tooth decay and poor oral health.

There may be challenges by the soft drinks industry to the government’s plans as 2018 approaches, but this announcement shows that serious action is needed.

Sugar Tax: How Will it Work? [via The BBC]

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